Platinum Diamond Detailing - Application for Employment


1. You must answer all questions and complete all sections of this application form. Place "N/A" in sections that are not applicable.
2. Platnium Diamond Detailing is an equal employment opportunity employer.

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Applicant's Statement

I acknowledge that the facts set forth on this application are true and complete. I understand that any false statements or omissions on this application shall be sufficient cause for dismissal. I understand that all employees of Platinum Diamont Detailing are employees at will and that the employment relationship can be terminated at any time, with or without cause, at either the option of the employee or the option of Platnium Diamont Detailing.

I specifically authorize Platinum Diamond Detailing to obtain any and all employment records, reports, information, data or copies thereof, from any of my previous employers listed on this application; and I further specifically authorize any previous employers to provide Platinum Diamond Detailing such information that in any way relates to my employment history and performance.

I understand that I will be required to provide a urine sample for alcohol and drug testing as a requirement of employment, and hereby consent to undergo testing.

1. How important to you is it to be on time?

2. What qualities make you a good worker?

3. Can you do quality work at a fast pace? Yes No

4. What is the name and your experience with your last manager?

5. Can you work outside all day in hot or cold conditions? Yes No

6. Can you take orders from a co-worker?

7. If you see something wrong, what should you do?

8. If you see someone stealing tips, something from a customer's car, or from the lobby, what should you do?

9. What do you think we should do with employees who steal?

10. What should we do when there are too many employees on the payroll for a slow day?

11. Do you have any mental or physical disabilities that could hinder you from doing any car wash jobs? If yes, please explain

12. Are you willing to follow all rules, even if they seem petty?

13. Giving good customer service means that you must smile and give proper greetings, be in clean uniform, have good hygiene, and attentive to the customers' needs. Are you willing and able to give good service? Yes No

14. Do you have any problems serving others or working with the public?